Have You Ever Wondered About The pH Of Your Most Loved Natural Skin Care Ingredients?

Did you know the pH of some of the most loved natural ingredients used for skin care through the generations? Milk? Honey? Multani mitti?

All these tried and tested ingredients recommended by beauty experts have different pH values. When it comes to popular home remedies, here’s a list of some commonly used ingredients and their pH –

Lemon juice ~pH 2
Honey ~pH 3.9
Curd ~pH 4.5
Tomato juice ~pH 4.5
Coffee ~pH 5
Milk ~pH 6.5
Green tea ~pH 7
Water ~pH 7
Multani mitti ~pH 8
Neem leaves ~pH 8.2

pH is an indicator of how acidic, neutral or alkaline any solution is. For example, water with a pH of 7 is neutral and while its pH is slightly higher than that of skin, water is neither harsh nor harmful.

Effective, natural skin care ingredients have a multitude of skin conditioning and nourishment benefits regardless of their different pH levels.

Interaction of any product with the skin is determined by how all the components of that product interact with the skin as a whole and is not dependent on its pH alone. Further the pH of the product does not alter the pH of the skin drastically when it is applied, as skin has an in-built ability to bounce back to its normal pH levels quickly after product use.

Now do you think that the pH of skin care ingredients really matters when it comes to your skin nourishment needs?

Time to use your common sense!