A Well Designed Soap Goes Beyond pH

What are the main functions of a soap?

  • To efficiently wash away and remove oil, dirt, grime and germs from the skin’s surface;
  • To help enhance the skin with skin-loving ingredients like glycerin, natural oils, plant-based essential oils and/ or natural extracts.

If you’re wondering what soap suits you best, remember it’s not just its pH level, instead it is the entire soap or bathing bar composition and its benefits that matter! A well-designed soap or bathing bar takes into consideration how all its ingredients combine to act on skin. It’s the critical balance of being able to cleanse effectively and still add back essential ingredients to help maintain skin beauty and health. You need more than just cleansing, choose a soap or bathing bar that can provide other benefits like glowing skin, moisturisation, nourishment, exotic fragrance oils or the goodness of natural oils and botanical extracts… the choice is yours!

What Does The Bureau Of Indian Standards Have To Say About Soap pH?

NOTHING. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which is responsible for product safety and efficacy in India defines in detail properties and ingredients of a soap or bathing bar. Soap standards are broadly classified into two categories: Toilet Soaps & Bathing Bars and there are separate standards for each to meet quality, safety, and performance requirements. These rigorous standards make NO mention of pH criteria for soaps and bathing bars. If pH were such a critical parameter for the safety of these products on skin, it would have been an explicit specification defined in the mandatory Bureau of Indian Standards. Instead, the standards specify more holistic assessments such as the amount of ‘free alkali’ a soap may contain, clinical tests that need to be done under dermatologist supervision, etc., all of which should be complied to by reputed manufacturers.

Don’t go just by pH, use common sense!